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The Top 5 Elements for the Best Poker Sites

When it comes to choosing the best poker site to play on, there are elements to consider. There’s no point putting all your eggs in one basket, and playing on a site because they tick one box. The right poker site for you should meet as much criteria as possible. You might be wondering “what is the right criteria?”. Have no fear, in this article we will explain the top 5 elements to a great poker site so you can read reviews and decide for yourself where to play online poker.

Player Traffic

Traffic is simply the number of people that play on the poker site. There are loads of online poker sites but some will have very low traffic. Depending on when you wish to play, this should factor into your decision making. You don’t want to be playing on a site that has low numbers as you’ll just be against the same people all the time. Therefore, you should stick to the sites with more traffic. Additionally, the fact they have lots of people shows they are doing something right!


Almost all the major poker sites offer bonuses upon registration. Many will also offer ongoing bonuses if you deposit more. Whilst many will offer bonuses, they’re not all equal. For instance, a poker site that gives $10 upon signup but doesn’t match deposit is a lot worse than one that can match up to $1,000, right? Therefore, you should be inclined to play on the sites that offer better bonus deals. You should take care to look for a GGpoker deposit bonus or from one of the other major sites.

Payment Methods
Everyone has their preferences when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds. You shouldn’t be restricted to using just a few methods. The best poker sites will always cater to customers and offer a wide range of payment methods in 2023. Many online poker sites even accept cryptocurrency nowadays. The point is, if a site doesn’t offer your preferred method, don’t bother giving them your custom.


The calibre of opponents is getting better every year. It feels like wherever you go, there are professionals and part-time professionals lurking. The best poker site for you should be easier competition. Ultimately you want to win as much as possible and that is harder to do if you stick to places where there are tough opponents. Therefore, it might be worth playing on a slightly less famous site (provided it meets all other criteria), just so you can generate greater earnings in the long run.

Customer Service

Finally, we come to customer service and the importance of being treated respectfully. The best poker sites invest ungodly sums in ensuring they can deal with player queries. They know that a player wants their questions answered quickly and more importantly, in a timely manner. That’s why the best poker sites have more than just an FAQ section. They’ll have customer support teams by live chat, email and possibly even phone.

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