Play Cats Slots Machine by IGT

How to Play Cats Slots Machine by IGT: A Comprehensive Guide

While many Internet gambling fanatics may not be as familiar with IGT as land-based gamblers, anyone interested in playing reel-spinning games of any kind should know a little something about this brand, as it is the global leader in manufacturing gaming machines.

IGT, or International Game Technology, offers a wide range of services and products, putting a firm focus on innovation. And despite what some may think, IGT has a presence in the online gambling sphere via a wealth of quality spinners. Amongst the three hundred game titles in its arsenal is the Cats slot machine, released in August 2013, and still dominating casino lobbies, captivating players with its unique features, which we break down below.

Game Overview

No, IGT’s Cats has nothing to do with the musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on T. S. Eliot’s collection Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. No, the theme in this spinner is Felidae, the family of mammals in the order Carnivora, its biggest and strongest representatives. That means lions, panthers, leopards, and tigers. Naturally, these creatures are also the high-pay symbols of this game, producing wins up to 2,500x, while the low-pay ones are your standard card royals, generating prizes of up to 200x.

The Cats slot implements a split symbol mechanism, where when you spin this game’s reels, animals will pop up twice where only one should appear, meaning a single token shall count as two, making reward combinations easily achievable. And, when someone hits five or six paw prints symbols on the middle three reels of the 5×3 grid, they get awarded ten on-the-house spins in the game.

It should also get pointed out that this is a medium variance product with a default RTP of 94%, but the latter spec can range depending on the operator that hosts this title.


What Is The Theme Of The Cats Slots Machine?

It is wild cats, the kind you would find roaming the planes of Africa and Asia.

How Many Paylines Does The Cats Slot Have?

It has thirty paylines.

Can I Play Cats Slots For Free?

Yes, at gambling sites that allow demo play.

Are There Any Special Symbols In Cats Slots?

You have the game logo that is the wild and the paw scatter.

How Do I Trigger The Bonus Features In Cats Slots?

Landing five paw scatters gains you entry to the Cats free spins round.

Can I Play Cats Slots On My Mobile Device?

Yes, you can. The game can get enjoyed on any modern smartphone or tablet.

How to Play Cats Slots Machine

You begin a game round in the Cats slot by:

  • Selecting The Number Of Paylines You Wish To Play – That can get done via the line adjuster on the far left of the bottom gameplay panel, where players can select from one to thirty active paylines per spin.
  • Pick The Line Bet – Next to the line adjuster is the wager one, and it determines what amount a gambler is staking per line, per reel rotation. The maximum bet in this game is $30.
  • Press Spin – Clicking on the yellow circle with the word spin in it initiates a gaming round in the Cats slot, and after doing so, in a second or two, the reels will stop spinning, showing the generated symbol combo for the round.
  • Use The Auto-Spin Function – Players can find it on the far right of the gameplay panel, and through it, gamblers can automate their sessions by picking the number of spins they wish to play and when to stop gambling. The latter refers to exiting auto-play once specified loss or win limits get reached.

Note that players claim prizes in this reel-spinning title when they hit three matching symbols on an active payline.

Understanding Bonus Features and Free Spins

As mentioned in the overview section, the core of this gaming product is its split symbol feature, where split tokens count as two whenever involved in winning combos, and the free spins mode, which triggers when five scatter stop in view on the same spin. Five paw prints provide five complimentary reel rotations, while landing six gets players ten.

All the paylines and bets active in this bonus round are identical to the feature-activating ones, and the control buttons remain inactive in this mode. The most anyone can come out of this round with is a reward worth $250,000.

Tips and Strategies for Winning

There is no fool-proof strategy one can incorporate into their Cats slot gameplay that will ensure that they continuously come out on top in their sessions. Gamblers can also implement betting patterns like the Martingale and Paroli systems, but know that these progressive wagering schemes carry significant levels of danger, as a long losing streak can send players into a financial rut from which exiting can be extremely strenuous.

That is why the best course of action regarding slot play is to budget sessions wisely, stick to low denomination wagers, never get greedy, and not chase losses. Being satisfied with modest wins and just staying out of the red can go a long way toward profitability. So, remember that.

To Wrap Up

Without question, the Cats slot machine is one of the more alluring IGT products ever. It has been available at gambling sites for almost a decade, and online gaming connoisseurs have yet to get bored by it.

Yes, visually, its painterly graphics may not stack up well with the latest market titles. Yet, Cats has its charm, and with its split-symbol feature and free spins round, it intrigues players into spinning its reels. Moreover, fewer and fewer slots these days allow gamblers to set the number of paylines they wish to bet on, so this game also has that going for it.

To sum up. IGT’s Cats slot is a decent blend of an old-school vibe with new-school gameplay mechanics, and it boasts a sizeable max win. Hence, it is a title that no one should pass up playing.

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