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Fun 88: Experience the Difference

Online casino gaming is gaining massive popularity around the world. Especially during the COVID times when the doors of the casinos were closed for visitors, online casino games came as an available option for gamblers. Superspade games available on the Fun 88 platform deliver the players an innovative playing experience. Right from its inception, the game suite managed to get the customer’s attention with its uncomplicated interface and ease of playing. The product suite offers its customers a bouquet of games comprising traditional, popular, and one-of-a-kind games. All the games available are GLI certified and safe to play. The most attractive feature of the game suite is that it supports multilingual communication and offers payouts in multicurrency. Moreover, the game suite also supports cryptocurrency to offer a comprehensive experience to the players.

What do Superspade Games Offer on The Fun 88 Platform?

Superspade games come on the Fun 88 platform with the complete package and offer a range of casino games. Some of the most interesting games available in the game suite are :

One2Infinity Blackjack:  This game innovated from the traditional blackjack allowing players to have blackjack seats all the time, with live professional dealer dealing cards virtually in real-time.

Teenpatti 20-20: The game begins with players betting on cards and the dealer virtually distributes the cards to the players after distributing three cards each, whichever hand has the highest card combination wins the game. The game is played with a full pack of 52 cards against players.

Multi-Table: Multi-table offers the player the option to select different games and place them in the same window. This game allows betting on different games at the same time.

Andar Bahar: This game is adapted from the traditional Indian game “Andar Bahar” which is a 50-50 chance game. This is a new addition to online gaming and is the simplest and fastest casino game. It keeps the players excited throughout.

Live Roulette: This game allows the player to predict the slot of the ball which is spun in the opposite direction of a spinning wheel. As the wheel stops the ball lands on any of the 37 available slots and correctly predicting the slot will allow the player to earn payoffs.

The Fun 88 platform offers many such card games to bet on and try your luck, one such elite addition is the market leader Idnpoker. This game is popular for its slick user interface, variety of engaging gaming affairs, and tournaments to participate in. The game suite also supports multi-currency transactions for the ease of the players. Idnpoker has emerged as the biggest poker network in Asia. Some of the interesting games offered by the suite are:

Omaha Poker: This game is developed from the popular Texas Holdem Poker game and here each player gets 4 hole cards, thus, increasing the fun. The players bet to check, call, raise, or fold before the flop. The player who finishes with the best hand, i.e, the best combination, and has not folded till the end gets all the money in the pot.

Super 10 Poker: This game is inspired by the Three Pictures game, played with a single deck of cards where the picture cards and tens carry the value of “0”, whereas the other cards carry the denoted value. The highest-ranking hand will win the game, the highest-ranking hand is the expression “3 knights”,i.e, the 3 picture card.

Another special feature of the Idnpoker is the Tcoins or “Tournament coins”. These coins do not hold any monetary value but can be used to play freeroll tournaments.

Idnpoker is conceptualized by Idnplay, a leading provider of poker games in Asia. The unique selling point of this game suite is that it is mobile-friendly which makes it easier to access anywhere anytime. The game suite ensures fair play by keeping a check on bots and offers remarkable profits to players.

The emergence of these online poker games has been very beneficial to gamblers as they offer many advantages over physical poker games.

  • Most importantly it extends the luxury of playing in the comfort of your home, with just a device and a good internet connection. You do not need to spare your time traveling to casinos and standing in the waiting queues for your turn. You can play at your convenient time at your convenient place.
  • The chances of revealing “tell” to your opponent are over, being online your features and reactions to certain situations remain hidden from the opponent which does give you an advantage.
  • The virtual reality created by the online poker casino offers the platform to play at multiple tables at the same time, which allows betting at different tables and increases the probability of winning.
  • Moreover, the availability of tables 24×7 for all days of the year is an advantage as there is no confinement of time, place, and day to play.
  • And finally, the online poker platforms offer a lot of bonuses for both new and old players.

Take Away:

Fun 88 is one such online platform that advocates a lot of online poker games under one umbrella, plus it is safe and secure to play.  This gaming platform also offers personalized offers and promotions, thus, making it a one-stop solution for all poker gaming.

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